1. Blogging. 
Believe it or not, I am totally in love with blogging. "Believe it or not" because maybe you're thinking, "You rarely post, citizen." To which I respond with, "You're right."
But really, as I've probably said an abundance of times,
I love reading people's blogs.
A lot.
I just love people. And lately I've actually been compiling a list of people in my brain. The list is called "People Whom I Admire". The best part of the list is that is says "whom" in it.

Someday I'll post about that list. I'm still compiling it.

Sneak Peek: A man named Howard from my Art Lectures class is on it. He introduces the speaker, and he's entertaining. Stay tuned for that one.

2. I honestly forgot the next thing I wanted on this list.

3. Film photography.
What is it about a picture that doesn't have pixels? Maybe looking at film photography is a break from the screen that seems to somehow constantly ween its way into my sight all the days that I am awake. I think that digital photography is beautiful in the sense that it is fresh, and film photography is beautiful because it is pure. It's almost overwhelming.

4. I think that #2 was supposed to be music.
That link is mainly a compiled playlist of my favorite Grooveshark playlists. And other songs that are just splendid. I feel like a broken record with this list, mostly. But really, music. It is what keeps me sane and what drives me insane when I realize my ears have been drowning in too much song. Then I keep listening.

5. Twitter.
I like it better than Facebook. Only because Facebook seems . . . I don't know the word. I guess I like reading about people's lives rather than looking at the memes people post just to see how many shares and likes they can get.

And Twitter is like writing quick blog posts when I'm at school and I don't have time to pull up my blog to rant about useless things.

The only problem with it is that people are trapped in other social networks and their friends don't use Twitter, so I tweet to like five people. Which is fine, I guess.

6. People.
As I said in #1, I have a mental list of people who are inspiring in some way or another. I like trying to understand why people do what they do, say what they say, and think what they think. And I like learning from those people, and applying what I learn from them to myself.

Or just trying to apply those things, at the very least.

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Jana said...

ha at least you tweet to 5 people, pretty sure i just tweet to you. :)