Current pressings upon my mind:

School. I have two classes I thought I'd have to take, but I don't. Then I found out I have to take another art class, though. That means I have to add three credits to semesters that are already packed full of credits.

So. This also nudges one door a little wider: Study abroad in the good land of Italy. It would potentially cover 6 Art History credits that I need to take, knocking off three credits from the next two semesters, each.

You follow?

AKA, if I don't take Art History during my next two semesters (if I do study abroad instead), then I have room for that art class I have to take, and all is well and good.


Another thing on my mind. The Scarlet Letter. I was assigned to read it during the summer before my junior year of high school for honors English. It didn't work out. I read Cliffs Notes. I took the tests. I listened to the class discussions. I was immersed in the plot from discussions as much as I could be and subsequently was surprised when I learned the plot twists by ear.

Ever since then I was curious as to how it all turned out in the end.

I wanted to read a book the other night. I browsed through Google Books' free books. The Scarlet Letter was there. And so began my journey into reading a book.


I think the last book I read was the seventh Harry Potter a couple years ago. Tragic, I know.

I just deleted the final thing on my mind from this post and put it into my drafts. It is a discussion for another day. Just a string of thoughts from my brain that is unimportant and will not change your life, most likely. I have spoken too much on this post already, and maybe you didn't even make it through to where I am typing, now.

Pity that our modern society thrives on instant entertainment and instant gratification. Gone is the savoring of words and thought, and withering is the patience to sift through others' thoughts in order to discover our own.

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Jessica said...

Italy! Definitely make it happen. You would love it and you deserve it!