Write Back


What do you want to do about Fall? I'm sitting here waiting for you to make a decision, but you keep backing out of any ideas you come up with. From what I understand, you want to go to Brazil for a while. You also want to go to Italy, but the means to that end beginning is to go to school for the year and subsequently spend six weeks there. You want to move out on your own again, but it would be expensive/it would pull money from your Brazil/Italy funding. I'm still unclear on if you are sure about this whole school situation altogether, though. I know you want your degree, but you also seem hesitant in your choice of school. Should you "just finish up what you started" at a school you haven't been impressed with? Would you rather find full time work, save, and then travel around the next semester? Who would you travel with? I just think these are things you should clear up, with yourself and with me.

Please write back.
You truly

P.S. Stop regretting that you're not in a band touring around the country.

P.P.S. I can't promise that I'll stop regretting it.


Kaylee Andersen said...

I hope you figure it out! Italy is amazing and Brazil sounds amazing too. (:

Corina Broadhead said...

Lets travel the world together! Club Dubs sistas for life!! But really, I need outta here!
yours truly
p.s. and I don't mean Luci