Um, Bye, Birdy?

I try not to feel too guilty that I basically can't do anything for hurt wild birds.

Today I went outside to wait for the shuttle to swing by school and take me home. It was hot, and there was a while left until it came. As I walked across the grass toward the shade, a bird kind of clumsily flew in the shade to another part of the same shade. Then it flew under a different tree and just stood there. And I noticed that it held one of its feet weird. So I just went and sat down under the tree on a cement square and watched it.

So, of two things I was sure.

Edward was a vampire.

And that bird was probably hurt.

And I just sat and kept watching the pathetic, helpless animal. It kept pretending like it was going to find worms in the grass, but I think it just didn't want to admit that it was not going to be able to find anything on its own. And then I imagined how it would be for me if I didn't have a working leg and I wasn't able to find a worm dinner for one, and I felt even worse for the feathered biped.

Then I got an idea. I remembered that I had a partially eaten PB&J in my bag. (I chose Jamba smoothie/sandwich over saving for Italy today.) So I pulled it out, waited for a few people to pass by, and then picked off a few tiny clumps of bread to toss over to the bird. So I tossed one (It didn't go too far.), and waited another second in case people were judging me. Then with the two other bread crumbs in my hand, I prepared to toss them--

"Do you live at [my apartment complex]?"

I whipped my head around to see a girl walking toward me. "Yeah, I do."

"Do you want a ride so you don't have to wait for the shuttle?"

"Oh, sure!" I put the exclamation point in my voice, but I really kind of wanted her to say "just kidding" and walk away so I could tend to my bird friend.

So I stood up, tossed the two bread crumbs over to the bird (They didn't go too far.), and went home.

I hope that bird finds that food. Also I hope that it really wasn't injured at all, but was only putting on a show to get some bread crumbs from some foolish chump waiting for the shuttle.


Shannon said...

Sad...........breaks my heart.

Alex said...

I love this story but I'm dying at the "Edward was a vampire" part. Baha.