Some Things Never Change

[written by my parents]

August 16, 1992
If she wants water, she stands by the sink and cries. If she wants milk or cheese she stands by the refrigerator and cries. She is pretty good about letting us know what she wants or doesn't want.

October 14, 1992
Mama pulled weeds in the garden today. Bethany would rather keep going into the house & get into the fridge to get the milk or "chee" (cheese).

November 28, 1993
When someone has something she wants, Bethany says, "spose to share!" She'll yell if she doesn't get it fast. 

January 13, 1995
Bethany went with mom & Brandon to get Brandon some clothes. She brought mom and outfit & said, "Can I have this or not?" Mom said, "Not." She was so upset. Brandon had to pick her up & carry her out & she yelled over and over again: "Put me down I say." 


Jessica said...

Oh I love this. It reminds me of the sayings Daphne says that I need to write down. Cute.

Anonymous said...

:) If you aren't the coolest lad, I don't know who is.

Shannon said...

So funny! You were demanding then and now..........ha ha jk. You rock.

Barbara said...

I can still hear your cute little voice insisting, "Sposed to share." I wish I would have kept the journals up better (hint, hint to Jessica and Shannon). What a doll you were. I need to get out our movies.

Cami said...

You were pretty darn cute. I used to have to sneak out of the house when I needed to go somewhere or you would cry and cry.....