Much Ado About what does ado mean

a. I care too much about the number of followers I have on Twitter
b. I miss having blonde hair
c. On some days I miss having short hair
d. I have no love interests at present, so it's pretty bland in that category of life
e. I always watch for things I admire in people, especially the things I wish I could be
f. I talk about donuts like I eat them every day. I don't eat them every day
g. I choke on my food a lot because I have a small throat
h. I'm kind of scared of relationships mainly because I'm afraid of them ending
i. I only listen to Bombay Bicycle Club lately because everything else tastes watery
j. I wish I could manage my time better
k. I just realized that I had my phone connected to a charger that wasn't even plugged in for the last 20 minutes
l. I like being tall
m. I shredded paper today at work. That's about it
n. I have wasted over 45 pieces of paper in the past two days because of printing mistakes
o. I wish I was in a band
p. I'm afraid of killing spiders unless whoever is with me is afraid of spiders, then I suck it up and squish it
q. That kind of describes my entire personality
r. I'm going to wear exercise shorts tomorrow because they sound comfy today
s. I don't have a favorite color
t. I'm afraid of ATMs and food joints where I have to go through the line to tell the employees what I want
u. I usually have to lie on my right side if I have any hopes of falling asleep
v. I have to begin to ascend/descend a staircase with my right foot or it throws me off
w. I used to vacuum up live spiders until my mom told me about the time at the cabin when she vacuumed up bees and they started crawling out covered in white wallboard powder
x. I purposefully use incorrect punctuation (leaving out commas and periods) because I think it adds to the tone of the statement
y. Lately I've just been putting mascara on my top lashes because I'm lazy
z. I have bad circulation, so sometimes my feet turn blue when they're cold, and they turn bright red when I'm hot


Miss. E said...

this is the best personal description ever. I wish you lived in my spare room.

ruthie.von said...

I like you a lot Bethany.