People Blog Still?

I mean, of course they do.

How else would we learn about women's opinions on leggings or the right way to handle vaccinations or the ten best ways to keep the spark in your relationship?

But in my world, for the most part, blogging has disintegrated slightly. I've been mildly distracted. Let me give you a rundown.

I student taught in Tonga.
I student taught in the states.
I started dating the greatest human ever.
I turned in my senior portfolio (twice).
I graduated/earned my teaching license.
I got a job teaching photography at the very same high school I attended a few years back.
I got engaged to the greatest human ever. 

Now I'm swamped with lesson plans, grading, stress headaches, wedding plans, and a really messy desk.

Tomorrow we're taking engagement pictures. Stay tuned, because we're really in love and we'll probably look pretty cute.


Barbara said...

And last night, you got one of the most beautiful wedding dresses ever! You're beautiful! It'll be fun getting ready for the big day.

ruthie.von said...

Bethany! I miss my original blog crush girls! (The lack of you all is probably a big reason why I've also kind of abandoned blogging) but I'm so happy for you and so glad that your life is so full and great!