Last night, just like any other night, I went to sleep. Except usually when I sleep, I don't wake up in Africa. So last night was mildly different from any other night.

I sailed to Africa on my Human Development teacher's raft-slash-boat-slash-whatever-it-was-it-floated-on-water-type-thing. With my Human Development teacher. This apparently wasn't an odd occurrence. And when I was preparing to leave (on short notice, I'll have you know), I had to decide what I was going to bring, and what I was going to wear. Water bottle? Long pants or short pants? Being raised by my mother, I thought it would be better to just wear long pants, even though it would get hot. Sunburn, you guys. Never a good thing. But when I was making this pants decision, I thought that applying sunscreen was definitely an option. So this was a legitimately difficult decision. Long pants, be scorched; Short pants, repeatedly apply sunscreen. I'm not exactly sure on what I decided to do.

Either way, I sailed to Africa. Multiple times. And I finally realized that people should know about this. I mean, Africa. But I didn't want to bring my Canon Rebel XSI on a raft. That would be foolish. But I did have a camera on my phone... So that would have to suffice. But I even hinted to my Human Development teacher that "it would be cool if we brought a camera along..." But he obviously doesn't take hints very well. Oh, well.
So we sailed. And my teacher's wife came along. We sailed and sailed. But it wasn't in an ocean. It was more like a road of water. Like a river. And we ended up in Florida because of the wind, or something. That was a little irritating.

And then I woke up in Utah, in my bed, with my phone singing a Super Mario Brothers song to wake me up. The pictures of Africa on my phone didn't turn out too terribly.


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Jessica said...

You really should go to africa... but do bring a camera.

Paul and Shannon's Family said...

Yes, I agree with Jessica, my friend Rachel has been she can get you information. But I did like your dream, dreams are odd.