Gift Wrapping

First day as a gift wrapper. It was nice to just be dumped into the gift corner without any run-down of anything. But I guess you're just putting paper over a box and it's not that complex. But still. I was nervous. First day of work.

I get nervous over little things. Like gift wrapping.

So my first present I wrapped... The guy wants the pink paper. Why? Why that paper? It was atrocious. No, really. Think of the most horrendous shade of pink, and it was probably the shade of that paper. I blame the pink for the horrible job I did on the wrapping.
And my getting nervous over little things. Like gift wrapping.

As time goes on, I realize more and more how tedious and redundant small-talk is. I had plenty of that with the co-workers. "I'm in school. Just doing my generals. I'm loving it. Yeeup..." (Awkwardly looks around store, rocking back and forth on heels)

It was funny when people didn't know which wrapping paper to use.
"Do you have a preference of paper?"
"Hmm... No... What do you think I should use?"
Well, considering the fact I've never met you in my life, let alone the person this gift is for, I am not sure I could decide which paper would be the best for the situation at hand.
Then I would respond with, "The pink one is pretty..."
"It's for a 14 year-old boy."
"The holly one is nice."
"He's allergic to evergreen plants."

Eventually my wrapping skills became so excellent that people just left their wrapped presents for me. Along with fifty-dollar tips. And I'm okay with that.

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jandbfjohnson said...

And now it is over. You'll have to do this again next year!