In a Timely Manner

I have a bad sense of time. Maybe not 'bad', just... a lack of a sense of time.
Time is relative.
It was invented for the convenience of man.
Sure, the sun was always a way for people to keep track of time. But who's to tell me where I need to be by the time the sun reaches 73 degrees in the sky?
Being on-time is not 'in'.
Being 6 minutes late, consistently, is 'in'.
Setting deadlines for when I need to learn something is not 'in'. I'll learn on my own schedule, thanks.
Setting deadlines for when I need to hand a paper or two or five is definitely not 'in'. Try to be more fashionable, you guys.
Setting a time for when I need to be in class to hand in a paper or two or five is not 'in'. Therefore, I will sluff that class. And maybe the class before it. So I can keep up on learning on other people's schedules.
And when I finish those one or two or five papers, I'll write on my blog instead of going to the rest of my class. Not because I'm irresponsible. But because times is relative.


Anonymous said...

Fashionable. We ALL definitely want to be fashionable, Q. :)

jandbfjohnson said...

So you got it all out. Now go do your homework. The end.

Bethany said...

Ha, Mother.