A Moment or Two

Insignificant moments demanding significance:

Realizing how HUGE this place really is


And re-reflection

Being inhaled by unfamiliarity 

Welcoming the sunshine

A misunderstanding understood

Swallowing opportunity

Simplicities that decide to fly

Butterfly-stomach triumphs worn with a smile

Capturing a capture 

Presence declared

 And a simple bolt-away.


Anonymous said...

Poetic beauty. :) Your blog=RA. ILI. H=I love it. :)

Paul and Shannon's Family said...

So amazing!!

Alex said...

I love the mixture of poetry and photography. You should do that more often. :]

Jessica said...

I agree with Alex...

I am never gonna live that picture down.

The dragon fly... perfection.

Ferris Wheel? Still LOVE it.

Sophie? Adorable.

Jana said...

Bethany...I LOVE your dragonfly picture!!!