Survival of the Fittest

You want to know the truth?

It was a challenge.
A dare, really.

To see if I would last multiple months in a small town. A three-mile radius of a town. A town so small that I run laps around its perimeter every morning to keep myself in shape.

Even though that was the biggest lie I've told since being a part of the survive-and-thrive-in-a-tiny-village challenge, it is probably true for some person who doesn't feast upon Skittles every time she sits at her desk. For someone who doesn't skip out on lifting weights because she has better things to do that night. Like sitting at her desk feasting upon Skittles.

But, I'll have you know, I am surviving and perhaps even thriving in this small town.

And I credit the Skittles for my success.


Jessica said...

Thank goodness for Skittles!

Your blog looks fantastic!

Sorry I was no help to you when you texted me earlier... I was just about to walk out the door. It looks like you got things worked out :)

Alex said...

I'm a fan of this post.

jandbfjohnson said...

One thing better than just feasting on Skittles-that is feasting on Skittles while putting together a candy puzzle with Bethany the day before she has to leave for school. Good times.

Paul and Shannon's Family said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm skittles!!