Under the Category of Magic

Cotton Candy
     A solid food that disappears before you can even try to chew it.
     Air trapped inside water. A thin layer of water that floats inside the air. A perfect sphere of perfect delicacy.
     A painting for the ears.
     A paintbrush for the ears.
Light Bulbs
     Did you expect me to leave this off the list? Lightning trapped and emanating from inside a shell of glass?
     Similar to bubbles. But brighter and more tangible.
Chap Stick
     Before chap stick, how did people's faces hold up?
     Nature's bling. Brought to you by a sea creature and some sand.
United States Postal Service
     Pony Express 2.0 gets my thoughts from here to there with no effort on my part.
     Except for licking the envelope. That's verging on too much effort.


Jessica said...

It all sounds very.... romantic.

Bethany said...

You. Rock.

jandbfjohnson said...

Especially the chapstick. It's magic to me. Pain to no pain in 2 seconds.

Paul and Shannon's Family said...

Demi found a mail board book at the library and was carrying it around. It told and showed how mail got from one place to another. I thought it would be fun since we send Paul mail and Sophie worries and prays for him to get it. I was going to check it out but Demi put it down and I forgot until I read your blog. But I agree with the postal service being magic, I have to admit I wanted the book for myself so I could understand.