Genre Called "Music"

On occasion, I listen to music.

The word "occasion" here means "whenever I am located within the premises of my bedroom's four walls".

Yesterday, I was lying upon my cement slab (some people would refer to it as a "bed"), and my roommate walked in. She was basically mortified at the fact that my speakers were not chirping off some tune. 

She nearly had a heart attack.

I had to give her a paper bag to breathe into.

I have to keep paper bags handy around these here parts. In the case of when I am not listening to music, or something. It works out.

You have likely heard of Pandora, correct? I normally call it "Pandy", since we're on a nickname-basis, and all. Pandora is a station of magic. "Magic" here means "tunes". It basically plays a radio of songs that you are likely to enjoy. So, during my time of Pandy-listening, I would occasionally bookmark certain songs that were exceptionally fantastic. Or even just plain fantastic, when I was feeling generous.

So, the bookmarked songs accumulated over time. And then I discovered Grooveshark. I was hesitant at first, but I came to appreciate the freedom it had to offer. 

Then I remembered the dusty, bookmarked songs hanging around Pandy. And I had an idea.

I went through and made a playlist of my bookmarked songs, Pandora style. On Grooveshark. 

And now I have a conglomeration of music that I listen to virtually every day. It has a variety of jams that are quite agreeable to a variety of moods.

So if you want, sneak a peek. (Pardon the cliché.) Here's my playlist. (Hint: Above the list of songs, click "Play All".) It may be that you will enjoy it. 


Alison said...

I love Grooveshark. I listen to it everyday.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your writing and how you phrase things. Kuds to your blog and your rock-awesomeness. :)

Jana said...

I may have bookmarked your playlist... tis fabulous!