Sleep Tight

It's weird that sometimes people are scared to sleep, in fear of what they will dream. It's a strange concept. Someone fearing their own imagination, and all. 

It's weird that people have little to no control over the content and layout of their nighttime slideshows. 

It's weird that when I am having a good dream and then I wake up in the middle of it, I want to fall back asleep to finish it. But wouldn't it be the same to simply imagine the ending while I am awake, rather than when I am asleep? Whether I am awake or not, it is still my imagination, right? Right. So why is closure not so available when I imagine an ending to a dream in an awake sort of manner?

I will have to ponder the matter a bit more as I snooze tonight.

Sweet dreams.


Cora said...


jandbfjohnson said...

I never thought of it that way-finishing my dreams while I'm awake. I'm still in awe that my uncreative mind dream like I do!

Paul and Shannon's Family said...

Sophie is all about dreams, she tells me her dreams, good or bad. And sometimes she tells me she is scared to sleep, like you said, she doesn't want to have a bad dream.

Jana said...

if you try to continue you're dream when you're awake, the logical part of your brain overrides your imagination and so you never get anywhere because logic says, oh that could never happen... but when you sleep, logic doesn't play a role in your thoughts... just my thought.