Some Truths

Some truths:

Human beings are amazing creatures, and occasionally I glance out the thin piece of glass lodged in the middle of my bedroom's outermost wall (frequently referred to as a "window") so I can watch them as they strut through the parking lot.

I do not like days called Monday any more than an iceberg likes Ecuador in the summer.

I hate texting. More than an iceberg hates Ecuador in the summer.


I text anyway. Often.

Oftentimes I tell people what they want to hear.

It's not that I hate math. It's that math hates me.

If my nails are painted, I will chip the paint off if I am not distracted by something else. I don't care if it's the greatest nail polish in the world, I don't care if it's clear, invisible, or whatever else. If I get the chance to look at my hands, I will find entertainment in my nail polish.

I hate labels.

I do not enjoy being told that I need to eat more. It's awkward. 

Photography is my favorite medium of art. It is simple and fast.

Poetry is my favorite medium of writing. It is simple and fast.

I used to hate poetry. Very, very much.

Blogging is one of my favorite things. Welcome to my brain, world. Now, without further ado, let me explore your brain. It is just a great concept. So everyone go write a blog post so I can read it.


Paul and Shannon's Family said...

You Rock!

Hutch's Blog said...

On the note of being told to eat more, I've always found it ironic that it isn't couth to tell someone they're fat, but it is okay to tell someone they're skinny. Just like you're not allowed to talk about someone's weight (that is OVERweight) but you can talk about their height. Height is just a vertical measurement as weight is horizontal. Both odd to speak of and yet no one seems to realize this.

Alison said...

Two comments:
First. "Plain and Simple" by Hello Stranger is such a great people-watching song. Occasionally I sit on a bench/short wall at school with that song on repeat on my mp3 player and just watch people during the passing time. I like to think, "If this were a musical and people were auditioning to be in the scene with this song, who would I choose?" Invariably, there are a lot of people who look perfect for the part, and even the people who don't look perfect walk to the beat. It's fun.

Second. Accomplished.
(referring to your command)