Occasionally, opportunities arise in which poems written by insignificant, awkward, tall, blonde bloggers can be submitted to a college literary magazine.

Occasionally, a poem that was submitted to a college literary magazine

         Is selected. And, perhaps, receives a bronze metal, of sorts. 


Pause, momentarily,
While I fill the page with words.
(All nonsense, really)
Play the apathy-prose, please
And notice the chortling rays.
Stop, indefinitely, sighs of matter
But leave the cherished wind-blown aside.
Forward to the unabashed
While I pen uncertain notions
Re-wind the unwound, now
To record the unafraid,
Although in empathy,
They lie, trembling.


Jessica said...

You are so talented... I am glad that I can claim you as my sister :)

Cami said...

You're amazing. I always knew you were talented! Congratulations!

jandbfjohnson said...

Very nice! I like it.

Paul and Shannon's Family said...

oh so good. Congratulations!