As previously stated, I have 39 ideas/inspirations/completed posts/secrets/word-conglomerates dehydrating in my drafts. But guess what else. This is post 100. Published post 100. I guess that's not that exciting. Adrian Monk would find it exciting.

Goals for today: 

-Take at least one worthwhile photograph to post. I always want to post a picture. I just end up scrolling through my photos for the infinith time [just go with my vocabulary, here], just looking at the same pictures over and over and over and over again.
I like my pictures. I just need new ones.

-Get ready for the day.
  I'm so ridiculous. It's 11:20. Ante Meridian.

-Get my photo stuff together for that one potential-job.

-Make tomorrow's bad weather become Wednesday's fabulous weather, instead.

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Alison said...

At least it wasn't Post Meridian. That'd be sadder.