Long, But I Loved Every Moment of It

So, I went to a concert with Alex.

First we went to a barbecue; free food for the ticket winners. I fell into that category. So we ate food. People were drinking beer. We drank water. It was a great time.

Then we headed over to the stadium. We got some nosebleed seats, generosity of the radio station. Luckily, since we were on the farthest row back, we had a wall to lean our backs against. It made me not despise the bleachers, as much. Luckily, the sun was out. Luckily it was warm, for a sec.

For a while I wondered if The Fray was even going to perform. There were no t-shirts with the much-loved band name written on them, tempting me to empty my wallet of forty dollars.

But, never fear. The lovely screen above the stage soon displayed "The Fray", causing an abundance of joy and glee to emanate from the blonde girl in my seat. And the songs were fabulous. And they ended much too soon.

Then it was eight o'clock with an hour to spare. So we wandered around for a while. And Alex even saw someone she knew. I didn't see anyone I knew. So I frowned and thought, "Where are some people I know?"

And then someone tapped me on the shoulder. Someone I knew! I turned to the tapper, and I was soon disappointed when a woman began telling me about a modeling agency. I bit my lip a lot, trying to hold in my laughter. Due to the bizarre, foreign conversation. I dunno; maybe this should be normal for a tall girl.

Well, she finally left, and we were left to more wandering. So, what did we do? We bought a pretzel. That, apparently, was going to take five minutes. And we waited, tapping our toes, watching the passersby. "Where is someone I know? Where is someone I know?"

Before I knew it, my finger was pointing in the air. Pointing at a human. A human person. A normal guy in a normal hat, wearing a normal leather jacket. Normally walking into the stadium.
"Wait..." I said, thrown off.
"No..." Alex responded, in disbelief.
"Yeah..." I returned, my voice wrapped with unbelieving laughter.

And then we were chasing after Isaac Slade, lead singer of The Fray.

He wandered down the aisle, said something to a seated woman, and then sat down. We stood not far away, gawking.

"What do we do??" I looked around, and nobody else was much paying attention to him. Except for one lady. She kept looking over at him.

Then Isaac stood up, looked at the ground, and started walking up the stairs.
Alex didn't miss a beat. "Hey... could we get a picture with you?"
He looked at us, then said, "I better not," shaking his head sympathetically.
"Are you sure?" Alex said, probably with puppy dog eyes.
"We could do it up there," he replied, nodding his head up the stairs.

So we sprinted up, and Isaac walked up, like a normal human being. Then he took a picture of the following with Alex's camera:
Elated. Really. How did that even happen.

It happened. We ran out, Isaac departed, and spaz session began. 

Then Isaac walked back out for a second and saw our excitement. It was embarrassing. But that's okay. It was a good time.

Then we enjoyed the U2 concert. 

Neither of us ever recovered.


Jana said...

bethany; this is great. greater than great really!! Also camera strap covers.. amazing!! makes carrying that huge camera around so much more comfortable!

Anonymous said...

every word= perfect. "We got some nosebleed seats, generosity of the radio station." HA! how generous. :)
i can't believe it. his casual conversation with you guys. how. stinking. rock. and alex "are you sure?" kudos to her for still trying; it got you guys a rock sauce picture. oh, you three (that means we're including isaac in this trio) are too cool. :)

Alex said...

You gave our story so much justice with this blog post. That was the greatest ever. We'll never be over it. :] !

Miss. E said...

this just goes to prove how much of my life is being wasted NOT being with you two.