Awkward Existences of Time

When you 'tear along line' and there is still no opening between you and the food product

Lukewarm water

When a white cat crosses your path and you can't decide what kind of luck you will get from the encounter

That brief and subtle moment when you're at an intersection and all the lights are red at the same time and all the cars just stare each other down


Paul and Shannon's Family said...

Hmmmm, very insightful, sometimes I don't know how you think of these things, but I guess it's life. This morning I opened Malt-o-Meal bag of cold cereal, tore along the dotted line, and just like you wrote happened. I set it next to Demi and she was trying to open it and she said "Mommy, knife please".

Jamie said...

I liked the last one the best :)
I actually did laugh out loud.
That was awkward because there was nobody in any sort of proximity of me that could have known of it.
I got over it though. :)

Stoker said...

Agreed with Jamie. Also, I've been blogstalking for the past li'l while, and when I stumbled upon yours I was meaning to tell you that your blogging execution is brilliant. (Hmm...double meaning: well done, and your blog pretty much executes mine violently. Interesting.) But I didn't get around to it. Then I read this post, and here you go. Brilliant.