I am terrified of doing things alone. Therefore, I am terrified of being lonely. However, I plan on Italy sometime in the future, even if I must go alone.

Airports are demonic.

What's the opposite of "pet peeve"?

After I eat a lot, I have a pooch of a belly. It's almost as if I just filled my gut with much substance, or something.

I have issues in the area of goal-accomplishing. I make plans for the day ahead of me, and I fail. I end up overdosing on music, instead.

I'm okay with music-overdose.

How on earth can I be madly in love with a singer's voice, and then somebody else completely despises that voice? How can sound be heard in the same way, but it is listened to and interpreted completely differently? It's the same sound.

Today something quite hilarious occurred and I thought, "I am going to blog about that, later." And I convinced myself that I wouldn't forget what that hilarious occurrence was. Well. Guess what.

I forgot what was so hilarious.


Cora said...


ruthie.von said...

haha I do that same thing. I never blog about things that I tell myself I will. And I often ponder that sound question as well :)

love this

Jessica said...

I have the belly problem too... though lately it won't go away. Hmmm.

Alex said...

Haha, Jessica. : ] The belly pooch was my favorite part. Bellies are weird. This post was so random yet it fit together so well.

Paul and Shannon's Family said...

So sounds like you, this blog describes you best, you know how you wanted mom to describe you today, well here it is.