Today I Liked

The man at Denny's who paid for all those high school some-kind-of-formal-dance folk's checks.

The entire car applauding me when I U-turned.

Spontaneous shopping trip with a before-roommate.

Spontaneous shopping trip bringing me two pairs of skinny jeans. Ten dollars each. [Unspeakable luck and luxury for a long human.]

"Do you want to marry him?" [Nods head down school supply aisle to some guy.] "What?" "Do you want to marry him?" [I smile, thinking I'm so hilarious for making marriage plans with my friend and that guy. Then girlfriend of that guy walks up from right behind us and over to that guy.] [I die.]

The smell of my bathroom when I walked in and realized that my straightener had been plugged in for five hours.

Trying to save the fish at the wedding reception.


Alex said...

Yesterday was a fun day. :]

IamTeach said...


♪ Meagan ♫ said...

What? How did you find $10 skinny jeans? I do not have such luck. I want skinny jeans. The only ones I have are hot pink or cordorouy, hehe. :)