Truther, Truther

Seeing balloons fly up, up, up to the sky makes me glum. It's a lonely, helpless sight.

Maybe someday I will unpack my college things.

I shdould go a sddya withought backespacing anythign I type.
          But not today. I will spare you.

I lie to myself, a lot.

My indecision gets in my way, a lot.

Why is it called 'Bucket List'?

I had a Bucket List, once. I am not sure where it went. It had things on it like, "Paint a mural." and "Find a needle in a haystack."

I have a playlist to share [again]. It's a different piece of work. More bookmarked songs from Pandora. Only they are not songs I listen to repeatedly. Well, some of them I listen to often. If you'd like to hear, here you go.

How does one's bedroom become so horrendously messy when one's possessions are not yet unpacked?

I miss my apartment bedroom.

But it's okay. I have my room, here at home. It's pink. Barbie pink. Not for long. I am going to take a paintball gun to it, pretty soon.


Tiffany said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't unpacked! Because of a room situation!
Miss you much Betherny!!!!

Jessica said...

Please wait for me before you paintball the Barbie pink!! I will be there soon. Very soon.