I Am & I Am

I am seventy-three inches long. I have bad posture, long fingers, and a smile that shows my gums. My hair is blonde and shoulder-length short, and I have size eleven feet.

I am afraid of the dark, I hate keeping secrets, and I tend to care what people think about me. Sometimes my thoughts filter through in either blog or facebook status form. 

I long to accomplish something, anything, and everything. I will alter my mindset to please others, to a fault. I constantly long for adventure, life, and love. Smiles melt me and genuine laughter makes me grin. I cry when others cry, and I am terribly impatient. 

I find people amusing, confusing, and purely wonderful. I like to read when I have a book in my hand, but otherwise I'd rather read the world through my camera lens. I dissect songs, bands, and singers, consequentially causing me to find unbreakable adoration for people I'll likely never meet. I eat for fun, and I hate cleaning until I start; then I can't stop.

I sometimes get headaches when I am not listening to music, and I love reading people's blogs to read into new people's lives. I want to write a book, but I'm too distracted to get started. I hate making decisions, both big and small, and I am unintentionally flaky. My weaknesses are well-shot photographs, cheesecake, and clearance clothing. I have a collection of light bulbs and some blog drafts that will never be posted, and I am never on time. 

I can't ever keep my blog posts or stories short and sweet, I never initiate hugs, and I love the smell of cotton candy, vanilla, and waffles. I find life's insignificants to sometimes be the most significant. I think life has the potential to become a piece of poetry or a work of art. I hate staying up late and I hate sleeping in, but I can never seem to do otherwise.

I am self conscious, mostly obnoxious, and sometimes reserved. I am sarcastic, passionate, and lazily determined.

I am emotionally driven, and I find it hard to throw anything away that is attached to a memory. I am a follower of the rules, and I am inconsistent.



Jana said...

and why were we not better friends at Snow...

Alex said...

This is why I love you. And I feel like I know you at least at an 8.5 now. : ]

ruthie.von said...

love this. and your eyes are lovely dear :)

Jessica said...

I am so glad you are my sister... you are the best! I loved reading this post, it is so you. And at the same time it makes me want to get to know you more.

Rylie Craft said...

this is one of my favorite blog posts. EVER! it's great. so glad i found your blog! :)

Kiyna Christensen said...

I love ya, Squeej. I agree with Aloe, I feel like I know you a wee bit better now. (:

You're madly in love.