Today I asked my mom if she would trim my bangs for me. So I brought her the scissors and the comb and as soon as she started, both my dad and my little sister, Jillian, started throwing comments into the air that were ridiculous. The hilarious kind of ridiculous. So I would laugh, and naturally my mom couldn't cut my hair with me in that sort of state.

My mom told them to leave the room. It was getting out of hand. But Jillian kept talking, and I finally said, "If you don't listen to Mom, I'll toilet paper your room." My parents were confused at how I would even come up with a threat like that.

Long, long ago, a friend and I would toilet paper my two brothers' room. I'm not sure why. But we would. Kind of frequently.

I hadn't remembered that prank until today. I felt all devious and nostalgic. Then my mom finished my bangs, and I carried on with my day.

Later, I went downstairs and into my bedroom. Guess what was strewn over everything.

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