Employed It & Enjoyed It

Yeah, sometimes I buy strapless shirts and I wear them as skirts. So sue me.

And sometimes I wear them to work.

Today was my first day of work. At a nice little vintage shop. Lassies (and laddies), I think I'm going to love it. Antiques everywhere, delicate little glass things waiting for me to bump into and break, ridiculously lovely furniture that likely wants to relocate to my house...I even love the distinct smell of the store. It's one of those smells. Lightly musty and laced with a lavender-ish scent.

However intimidating it all seems (all the inventory, consignment, register, etcetera-etcetera stuff), I think it'll be fine, and I think I will mesh into it in a couple minutes.

And here's my last week. From raspberry-picking to wearing an outrage of striped socks with meant-to-be-sockless shoes to Pocahontas birthday partying.


Jessica said...

Beautiful blonde girlies... I miss you all.

You and Shannon DO look alike, I didn't think you did, but you do. Maybe it is your eyelashes. Why can't my eyelashes be that long?

Congrats on the job. I am very much excited for you!

Jamie said...

I really have a great deal of love invested in this post. Just like you! ;)
You could go by Q you know... I mean, that is your name as well right?

You should make this post a facebook fan page, I'd attempt to be the first. :D

Shannon said...

Oooooooooooooooooh! I love this post. So excited for your new job, you seem perfect for it. And as for the pictures, priceless. I love my little girls. Thanks for helping with the Pocahontas party :)