If You Give A Swede Some Sushi

...She'll ask for some soy sauce to go with it.

Actually, it was probably the weirdest experience of my life. And by "weirdest experience of my life" I mean, "Oh, well that was mildly odd."

As Jillian later pointed out, I don't eat fish, and I don't like associating with raw meat. Nevertheless, there I was at the sushi restaurant. And I ate three sushi rolls. One had caviar on it. And it felt like I was eating little beads, or something. And I hoped that I wouldn't get little, orange fish eggs caught in my teeth. Because that might be even more creepy than the fact I was consuming little water-bird offspring.

For you sushi eaters who think I am being dramatic, I guess sushi's not that weird. Those that accompanied me claimed that sushi is an acquired taste. The first roll I ate was fine. I didn't feel like there was much acquiring necessary. But then while I ate the next couple of rolls, my brain said, "Oh hey. You're eating fish. Taste it? Taste it?" Oh, little brainy. Thank you for reminding me.

Because then the sushi was weird, a little.

But hey. I ate sushi.

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