Leaves and Twigs and Amaryllis

When I was about to plant my Amaryllis kit, I realized that there wasn't a hole in the bottom of the pot to drain the plant water.

I asked my green-thumbed mother what to do. "Fill the bottom with gravel."

So I went out to the garden, scooped up some gravel, and brought it into the house. My mom looked at the handful of rocks and leaves and twigs and said, "You might want to pick out the leaves and twigs. And probably wash the gravel in case there's bacteria on it."

So I began picking out the leaves and twigs, slowly realizing that the process was going to take longer than I would have liked to complete.

Then Jillian chimed into my internal conflict. "I have an idea. Fill up the sink with water and pour the rocks in. All the leaves and twigs will float to the top. Then you can wash the gravel at the same time."

I blinked.

The process was completed a lot faster than I anticipated.


Kiyna said...

Man that girl is a genius! (: Rock to Jill.

I need to see this plant of yours. I hope it lives a prosperous life!


Shannon said...

What would you do without Jillian? The pictures are pretty!

Anonymous said...

Jillian is so smart.

the {Postscript} blog said...

Oooh gorgeous pictures! Ok my sister always comes up with smart ideas like that! Me? would have never thought of Jillian's suggestion... Good luck with your little plant!