At my work party a couple weeks ago, we had our waiter divvy out the gifts we brought to each of the shop workers.

I got an amaryllis kit. Including a pot, a bulb, and soil.

Just add water.

I planted it today. Even though the label said, "Plant ASAP or else your plant may die because you neglected it. Nature hater."

I'm not really the plant-seeds-and-bulbs-because-I-have-the-greenest-of-thumbs type of person, but today I was a little excited to have my very own plant in a cute little white pot. I don't know if it's the responsibility of caring for this little photosynthesis-reliant sprout or if it's the idea of something new that is appealing to me.

Either way, I have a plant. It's an amaryllis. I am adamant that it thrives.


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Saw that yesterday and was wondering where it came from. Was just too tired to ask!