My camera is missing.

Perhaps this is what happens when you:

1. Get lazy and avoid putting it back in its case
2. Share it with family members.

But honestly, how do you lose a dSLR.
No, really.

On a happier note, I took a couple pictures of my now bloomed amaryllis with my film camera.

And even though I miss my other mechanical eye [and my insides are irked at its absence],
I still, and always will, prefer film.


Jessica said...

A good excuse to buy yourself a new film camera ;)

Alison said...

"I miss my other mechanical eye" - When I first read that part of me I thought, "Oh, so she hasn't lost the mechanical eye that's part of her face. That's good." Then my conscious self said, "Silly other half of self. That's not what she meant." :)

ruthie.von said...

That seems like It would be a tough kind of thing to lose. Tough as in, how-do-you-even-lose-a-giant-camera? as well as tough as in, this-stinketh.