Latest Facts

BLTs and Cap'n Crunch are both delectable foods, but they always damage my mouth when I eat either of them.

I do not want phones in my future home.

Text messaging is not my favorite method of communication.

I somewhat irrationally dislike the process of getting ready for bed. It takes too long. Then I take 9.2 times longer putting it off than if I would have just gotten ready for bed forty-two hours previous.

There has never been a time that I have kept my room clean longer than fourteen days. ["Never" meaning "never" and "fourteen days" because when I was a younger tot, my mother offered to paint my room if I kept it clean for two weeks. I failed. Consistently. I feel like the colors on my walls is a recurring problem in my life.]

I really don't watch much tele. Like, ever. Except when my parents are watching a show that I happen to make myself sit down for. And only a few other exceptions.

Sometimes I find little ways to rebel. Right now my latest rebellion of choice regards my hair. I want to chop it off. Or find some hairstyle that is longer, but unique. Also, I'm oh-so tempted to color my hair in an interesting manner. However, I'm hesitant to break my I-have-never-dyed-my-hair-before streak.


Anonymous said...

DYE IT?!?!?!!!

Oh, do, do, doooooooooo.

ruthie.von said...

We share that habit of messiness. Plus, also I also want to make my hair disappear. If I could I would dye my hair red. Ever since I was a child I wished I were a freckle faced ginger. Maybe you should go red

Barbara said...

Maybe I should have said 1 week (about your room cleanliness, that is). And remember the reason I married your father was so you could have such beautiful hair. :)

Jana said...

"you made me go into panic mode when you started unzipping your backpack." greatest comment ever award goes to you!

Ps, I can't keep a clean room either, except at snow, I think I felt like I HAD to since I shared a room... Also, don't dye your hair. I like your blonde, and once you dye it you never stop.....ever.