Define "Early Bird"

Yesterday after I posted, I thought, "I don't believe I ever updated my blog regarding my employment-termination."

I wasn't fired. 
The job turned out being a seasonal gig.
So I've been jobless for like a month and a half.

Now I have a full-time job.

At a hotel.

At the front desk.

For eight hours a day.

With hours requiring me to be present at seven. In the morning.

It's fine. I'm over it. [This is why I don't take lie detector tests.]

And I'm being paid.

Which is always a plus.


Shannon said...

Yay!! Money is always a good thing. Happy for you!

ruthie.von said...

You always land the coolest jobs. and Hey, we're practically in the same boat here. 6am for me. :/

Jamie said...

Q. You are brilliant. I miss you.
'Kudos' (?) to the job :)