Tuesday Evening

We made a video.

Remember this little viral facebook photo that misspelled the word "you're"?

Thanks to brainstorming at McDonald's, a shared appreciation for film work, and hours of "You don't pay me enough to even pretend to be able to act," we followed through to a final, finished product.

Here's to Greg's editing/patience to edit the motion picture.

Here's to Kiyna's help with the last bit of filming.
And dart-throwing.

Here's to my laughing every time the record button was pushed.
Every. Single. Time.

Here's to Tuesday Evening. Cheers.


Jana said...

oh my hilarious!!! so great.

Shannon said...

Love the bloopers! Good job sista!

Jamie said...

Video= glorious!
Bloopers= magnificance of Q. :)

Cami said...

I love it! So great.