I'm terrified of my new job.

The time goes by at a normal rate when I'm there. It's fine.

But when I am not there,

How am I going to remember everything? Checking people in & out correctly. Setting up folios. Which I still don't fully understand. Using the computer program correctly. Not stumbling over my words when I answer the phone. Not answering the phone with my old work's name. Hasn't happened yet. But I'm waiting for that to happen. Closing my shift correctly. Remembering all of the fine details that were relayed to my brain, which subsequently rolled out of my ears and onto the ground and far, far away from my head. Negotiating prices correctly. Giving correct pricing, at all. Pretending like I know what I'm doing.

And everything else I'm forgetting.


Alison said...

It'll get better :) Just take it one day at a time, keep the manual/your notes close, and before you know it you'll be the expert around there! I didn't think it would happen to me at my office job, but sure enough, it did. You'll start to think it's fun soon!

Shannon said...

Listen to Alison, and keep notes chica! Don't worry while you are home, just enjoy your free time. Nobody is perfect when they first start, especially in the beginning.