On My Own

Today was eventful. The blisters on my feet can prove that.

I worked by myself for the first time.
I ran all over the hotel running errands for different guests.
I retrieved towels for the hot-tubbers like eight million times.
I folded towels.
I ate a sandwich.
I jumped over the front desk when the door that only opens from the inside locked me out. I was wearing a skirt, mind you.
I made about six thousand reservations.
I tried my hardest to contain my tears. [Not from exasperation. But from that sweet guest who was in town for a funeral. That was a whole story in and of itself. She was so sincere and apologetic after getting frustrated with a misunderstanding regarding her reservation. The whole thing was a good reminder of why I love people.]
Within the whole time frame, I made five hundred phone calls to a coworker for help.
But I made it. The whole day. On my own.
And then on the way home, I listened to this song three times.
Now I'm finally home. And my eyes are a little droopy.

Good to finally see you, Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Great work, Q!!!!!! :)

Shannon said...

Good job girlie!