I am nowhere near being on a professional level in the art world. But I have taken art classes and photography classes. I have at least some education regarding art. I've explored photography blogs and facebook pages, photography style. I've come to love many styles and expressions of art.

But sometimes I think back to art critiques. And I look at photographers' work. And I look at everything.

Why is it that people view the washed out, emotionless pictures of models as "full of emotion", while bright and colorful pictures of smiling people are viewed as "family-photo-like"?

I think I beg to differ.

Sometimes I think art is too categorized into too narrow of qualifications.

-From drafts, 12.06.11


ruthie.von said...

This post is from the FUTURE!
haha just kidding.
I know exactly what you mean about how art is defined. I think I get even more confused because the only art class I ever took was a required general intro to art in the 7th grade. But I watch movies like White Oleander and Ghost World where one character disregards or makes less of another's creation claiming there is a hierarchy in fine art.

I. don't. get it.

Bethany said...

Ha, don't worry, I changed the date to the right date.