So, if I discover that I'm really 6 feet 1 and 1/2 inch, do I tell people I'm 6'1" or do I tell them I'm 6'2"?

Also, I just had a thought. Does it even matter?

What if I started asking average-height people how tall they were?

Shouldn't people asking me how tall I am
be as weird as me asking random shorter people how tall they are?

Should I just return the question when people ask about my height?

This is becoming problematic.


ruthie.von said...

I'd say return the question.
I'm not sure I ask people this question very much, but I can't really say.

Shannon said...

did you mean 6 feet 1 and 1/2 inches? someone asked me and 5 minutes later another person, i told her i was going to start charging people to know. since knowing the height of tall people is in popular demand.

Anonymous said...

Tell them you're 5'9".
They'll probably believe you.

Cami said...

Tell them you are 5 feet 13 1/2 inches. It is fun to see which ones say, "Oh, okay." And then which ones start saying "Okay" and then give you a weird look (since it just clicked as to what you just said!) I do that, and it is hilarious sometimes (of course I say "5 feet 15 inches" instead).

Chelsie Clarke said...

This post could not be more applicable to my life.