Failed To Mention

He reserved a suite, and I gave him too good of a rate. He checked in by himself and I noticed his ring finger was bare. But I knew he had someone with him.

The next day I met the young girl from the suite. And all of her friends. I didn't see him all day, but I saw her.

Today I noticed that he had checked back in to the suite. And I didn't see him, but I saw her. And all of her friends. And the girl was an entirely different human.

Later tonight, a man, woman, and little girl were waiting to check in. They wanted to see the room first and as I was about to leave the desk to give them the grand tour, the phone rang from an in-house guest.

Me: Front desk.
Guest: Hi, this is [room number].
Me: Hi, how are you.
Guest: I'm good... Is this Bethany?
Me: Yes, it is.
Guest: Hi, Bethany, this is [name]. Do you remember me?
Me: Yes, how are you. [Have we already gone over this.]
Guest: I'm good... Hey, I was wondering if you'd want to have a drink with me.
Me: [Looks at guests waiting for me. Dies] Um, no thank you.
Guest: Why not?
Me: [Looks at guests waiting for me. Dies] Well, I am working right now.
Guest: Well, after you're off.
Me: No thank you; thanks for the offer.
Guest: Aww, that's no fun.
Me: [Face red by now, I'm sure, voice uneasy] Alright, thank you.
Guest: [Attempts to keep me on the phone]
Me: [Hangs up, ignores the questioning looks from the guests on the other side of the the counter]

Too bad I failed to mention to him that I don't drink, that I don't go to work to find one night stands, and that I'm really not interested in men who thrive on one night stands.

But I feel like those are things that I should not have to mention.


Anonymous said...

You have the ultimate people-watching job.

Anonymous said...

*insert rock hand*
Nice job handling the situation, Q. :)
My favorite part is when you hung up on him.

Jamie said...

Amen to Cora!