I've been having some serious hyperventilation sessions regarding my major.

Art is hard.
Photography is potentially harder.
I'm moving next week.

I'll be stranded & without a car.
I'm directionally and decisionally challenged. 
I'll be in a new place with new results generated from
New decisions.


ruthie.von said...

What school? where are you moving?

Jana said...

OOO Call me!!! I'll show you around, I love showing people around that lovely campus!

Alison said...

I have experienced that hyperventilation issue a lot. I didn't serve a mission speaking Spanish, and I just didn't feel like I had the same level of fluency as everyone else. Then when we would plan lessons, it seemed like everyone else was so much more prepared/creative/etc. than I. The important thing is to not be afraid. You love it! Which means YOU CAN DO IT. This is what I wrote in my journal when I had a breakthrough one day...

"It's been driving me crazy - I want to do it the right way, and I could come up with the end goal, but I had no idea how to get there. The other day, Joel said, 'Just try and have fun with it. You're studying it in school because you like it, so don't drag yourself down.' I've been really trying to take that to heart.


Finally I got my wits about me and asked for a blessing.

I am so thankful I did.
And that Heavenly Father loves me so much to tell me.

In those moments after the blessing, things were made so clear. Heavenly Father loves me! I know that He *is* watching out for me. He *is* mindful of me and my situation, and He *does* know how I feel and what I'm going through. I'm so thankful that He knows how my mind works and taught me in a way that is so easy for me to understand. It's like the Gospel - I feel so excited about it I can hardly wait to tell everyone! :)

I am seeing the Lord's hand in so many parts of my life
and blessings I have been promised are coming true all around me.

If I didn't believe it so much,
I'd say it was unbelievable."

YOU CAN DO IT!!! Let yourself get excited about it, and you'll have so much fun :)

Also, something else I relearned during student teaching - things will be easier + you'll have more fun and be happier, even when it's hard, if you read your scriptures everyday.