This is my facebook status:

Never make a big change to your already perfect schedule. Because:
-There will be an error you didn't previously catch.
-You will die.
-You will try to fix the error and end up with a really, really stupid schedule. And you'll be on fourteen million waitlists.
Here's to Fall semester.

I still can't recover. I want to post this as my status every day until the end of infinity.
On a brighter note,

I went country dancing last night. I use the term "country dancing" loosely and the term "flailing about" very strongly. But it was a splendid time with many friends. I came home, talked to one of the most hilarious people over facebook, and then fell asleep with glitter in my hair, my sequin shirt and sweatpants on, unbrushed teeth, and my bedroom light still on.

Good morning, Friday.

I'm going to go brush my teeth.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love you.
I love your posts.

I love facebook, love is a very, very, very loose term in this situation.

You are great.
I feel like you're the type of person that needs red pants from Wet Seal.
In order to survive fall semester.
But, that's just an inkling I have. ;)

As I said before, three cheers to waiting lists! Hip, hip, hooray!!

The 'hip, hip, hooray' part is a new addition. But, it's whatevs.