The vent is loud and droning. Welcome to the next nine months of life. The doughnut holes on the desk should be satisfying my boredom, but I feel like they are only making me fat. I'd eat a bagel, but then I would have to stand up and go to the kitchen. AKA the place I normally spend the majority of the time because I have no willpower and no portion control.

I read my writing textbooks because I have nothing better to do. Suddenly I feel more poetic and I decide to get off my lard for less than two seconds as I cross my closet-sized bedroom and pull up the computer chair. Much better. I want to write something appealing and appropriate to today. But nothing has really happened besides putting money into my account and trying to look friendly to the other victims on campus.

I eat another doughnut hole and regret not getting myself a bagel. I have met all of my roommates. They are all nice. I mostly haven't said much to most of them, only because they all like spending their time with people or their rooms, probably not eating doughnut holes. I went against my resistance to watching television and watched a fashion show with one of the roommates. Then I came back into my room. The t.v. is on again and I am glad I'm not watching. I'd rather eat a doughnut.

My folder of art is amusing. I hope this semester brings better artistic results than from high school.

I am lazy and I should be socializing.

But I read more pages of a textbook and listen to music, instead.

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ruthie.von said...

Dear Bethany.
I like you.

your post always calm me. doesn't even matter what it's about. there's something in your phrasing that makes me take a deep breath and let it out slowly and remember that there's more to life than what I'm currently worrying about.

you da beeest.