Dec. 10, 1998
I had chicen nugets for lunch. They were delishes!

Dec. 15, 1998
Today I was late for school. I was ok. I had a cheese square for lunch there delishas!

Jan. 14, 1999
Today I had a taco it was so good! I played socer and it was boring; But I had fun.

March 16, 2000
Today I went to Taco Time. I got a try out ice cream thing. And I was a little to rude.

January 7, 2001
After [The Nutcracker] was over, I got to get a picture with Clara, and she's only ten! Then I went to Home Town Buffet. And the french fries were so good!


ruthie.von said...

I don't even know why I love this so much.
I giggled every time i read "delishes".

Jessica said...

It is always about the food with me too.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! I. LOVE. YOUR JOURNAL. I love your journal. I love your journal.