Something Lost


I rebelled against myself rebelling against society. And I matched my socks. Second time doing so within a week.

I helped a blind man put a resume together.

My To Do list ('Today's Necessary' version) was completed a lot sooner than I expected.

I listened to Jaymay (Sycamore Down is my song of choice for the day . . . "What might you say if you could tell me anything?"). I always listen to the Jaymay station on Pandora, lately. Except it's mixed with Band of Horses and stuff because of my 'likes', so it is definitely an enjoyable source of sanity.

I cried.

My poetry class went mostly as I'd planned. I got docked a whole lot of points. I mostly deserved it. But I partially didn't.

Matching socks.
My window mobile.
Significance of the above picture? That's the top of what is apparently called "my closet". See that space between the wall and the closet? The other day I had a lot of homework, so naturally I cleaned my room. I had just finished a picture of some ballerinas with a lot of shading and plenty of time put into the project. I didn't really have a place to put it where it wouldn't get ruined, so I put it on top of my closet where it fit and it would be out of the way. As soon as I let go of the drawing, my heart plummeted down, down to my feet. Sliiip. The drawing slid right down the wall to the ground, down a gap I hadn't realized even existed. Lost forever in oblivion down a gaping hole where people bury their futures.
Yes. A pen now supports my amaryllis
The poor plant now has a certain air of rabbit.


Anonymous said...

I know that face is so ugly, but I think that's why I like it so much. I typed that because I wrote my entire comment, was about to publish it, and then my computer turned off. So now I have to try to type something similar to it.

It went something along the lines of:

Your plant is so huge and I love your pictures (especially the carpet & socks one and the plant one). I also said that you should rip off that false piece of wood and fetch your drawing out. (I want to see iiiittttt!) Blame it on your amaryllis to avoid being charged.

Sorry my comment is ten times lamer than the first time I wrote it. It was a one time shot, and it got erased. Wah! Anyway, you rock, Q.
Keep being stellar.
And, I'm glad you posted!

Maggie said...

Rip the dang wall out! You are far too talented to let a wall stand in your way...........:)

Shannon said...

Maybe one day someone will find your art and then you will become famous. I hoped you signed your name.