Lady and the Bee

So here's my life today.

I read to the blind student and received a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

In the library, I sat next to a man who thought his headphones were plugged into the computer. They weren't plugged into the computer. I finally notified him of this. I guess he had an interesting taste in music.

As I waited for the shuttle, I sat on the grass next to a cement square. The campus is full of cement squares lodged in the middle of the lawns. I sat and watched a bee that was on the cement square. I think it was dying. I watched its wings go up and down with each of its breaths. Then I noticed a ladybug just a few inches away from the bee. After a few minutes, the bee started stumbling over to the ladybug. I panicked and picked up a piece of bark to scoot the ladybug away, but it didn't help with any scooting. So the bee kept limping over, and I thought it would maul the ladybug. (Do bees maul ladybugs?) But after crawling over it, the bee lay down next to the ladybug, both insects seeming to be breathing their last breaths as their wings lightly lifted up and down with each exhale. I guess everyone needs a friend when faced with defeat.

I went to poetry and discovered that the 'best' Found Poem from the class was one student's poem that was taken from a baseball rule book. You know you're not in high school when the world's most offensive poem is read in front of the class. I was mildly appalled.

After poetry a boy in the hall asked for my number. I have nothing else to say except that there will likely not be a sequel to that story.

Now off to clean my room. I think I'll work without any music playing. My head has felt a little jumbled, lately with so much noise.


Jana said...

A boy asked for your number in the hallway?!? Was it you know who?! Man I worry for you having a class with him. I really loved that story about the bee and the lady bug, very touching really! Also, Arielle and I were discussing something and I remember we said we needed to invite you to whatever we were discussing, if/when I remember the event, I will def let you know!

Alison said...

There *likely* will not be a sequel? kidding :)