I am in the computer lab filling out a passport application right now, for no reason other than just in case.

I like it when people travel in pairs. It makes life more interesting because people aren't as quiet in public when they are with a friend. Plus I can eavesdrop on their conversations and get a little taste of people I'll never see again. Or at least people I'll forget that I've met through listening to the things they say in the computer lab.

A few minutes ago two girls came in, one needing to print an assignment. They were both beautiful with their dark skin, smooth voices, and confidence in talking about whatever they wanted in the quiet, student-packed room. It bothers me because I've already forgotten plenty of what they said, but it was all lovely and inspiring. They both talked about studying the Bible. The girl printing a paper said that she was just going to start reading the Bible on the train to school; that it was really all she wanted to read. Her friend said, "I want it to be that when I talk, I talk like the Bible. So when people argue with me, I'll say, 'That's from the Bible. You're arguing with the Bible?'" She went on to say that one of her friends told her, "You know when you spend a lot of time with a person, you start to talk like them? If you spend a lot of time with God, you'll start to talk like Him." They talked more about the scriptures and the scripture mastery verses from The Book of Mormon, and how they wanted to study them. To absorb them, even into their vocabulary. Into their speech.

I just think that is so beautiful. I have grown to love the scriptures, and I try to read them every day. But I don't think I am nearly as open about them as those girls were. That whole conversation was just inspiring to me. They were so confident in their beliefs, and they didn't hide their love of the Bible or of the Book of Mormon. They just talked about what they thought about them without worrying about what people think.

What a lovely thing,
a person being confident and open about their beliefs.

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