My apartment complex provides a shuttle to and from school.

Today I was riding home, chatting with a neighbor and a couple of guys from the other side of the apartments. We pulled into the complex and a boy was walking through the parking lot. One of the guys we were talking to said loudly, "Should we ask him how high he is?" Then he stood up, opened the window, and shouted to the boy, "How high are you?" Looking at the ground, the boy responded with a hand signal, and the guy on the shuttle sat back down, chuckling and telling everyone how much of some rude words the boy outside was, and how he is always high. The whole time my heart sank and I tried to think of something to say to the guy to let him know how unimpressed probably the whole universe was at his blatant unkindness.

As we walked to our apartments, my neighbor who was on the shuttle with me saw the boy up ahead and said, "Your name is ____, right?" He said yes. She introduced herself, and so did I. Even though I'd met the boy before. But either way, I was glad that my neighbor said something to him, because I am sure someone shouting rude things from a large vehicle didn't brighten the boy's day in the slightest.

I don't know why I am posting this.

But please,
be kind.


Shannon said...

I agree. Kindness is like a bowl full of donuts :)

ruthie.von said...

I like this.
and you.

Nater Potater-tots said...

Kindness is exaaaactly like a bowl of donuts! I like this Shannon lady.