When asked what my biggest fear is, I normally respond with
Besides the physical fears,
I think my biggest fear is actually incompetence.
Not necessarily fearing being incompetent.
But fearing
to seem incompetent.
I think there is a good number of people 
who probably bring to pass my fear.
Because I get nervous in a lot of 
social settings. So I am usually quiet or awkward with 
[name any person who is not a family member/close friend].
Not because I am afraid of talking. But 
because my brain freezes 
And I think,
"Did I ever learn how to speak this language?"
To which I think, 
"Yes. I did learn how to speak this language, as a matter of fact."

Moral of the story,
I wish I could break out of that
because there is more to me than I think a lot of people know or see.
And I am not quite sure how to change that.


Shannon said...

You are so funny. But you do like to talk and I am your sister. But I do remember Wendy's haha. Love your post!

ABM said...

Bethany, you are amazing and extremely talented. You are going to do amazing things in life! :D Never stop and never give up! :D