Old Friends/Bookends

Over spring break, me, Kiyna, and Alex ventured out into the world for some adventure. Mainly just to a nearby reservoir to bask on its "beach" in the "warm" weather. Combine a chilly, cloudy afternoon with fruit, berry-mint water, hipster in-love passersby, magazines, music, and pictures, and that was about what our beach day consisted of. It was also pretty much our last time for the three of us to hang out before Kiyna really ventured out into the world to serve a mission for our church for eighteen months. 

Latest update: I just received news that a letter has arrived at Alex's house for me. Yahoo!

A seagull representing my love life:
Kiyna's [gangster] motorcycle jacket because I was lacking in the warmth department.

 They're two of the classiest.


Alex said...

This is the greatest post. I LOVE LOVE this. Thanks, Squeeg. Those weren't even too terrible of pictures, which I'm sure existed on that camera.

Colin & Cora said...

Don't kyll me with that seagull picture.
And that picture of you and Alex: too good. :)

Alison said...

You had another post, and I'm not sure where it went, but you should listen to this: http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability.html?source=facebook#.UQQYqMtTY5G.facebook