Zion National Park, pt 1

It used to be an annual sister trip down to Southern Utah (See here, here, and here, if you so choose). But with sisters getting married, having kids, and moving away, it didn't really happen too much after a while. A couple years ago four of the five sisters were able to head down, and then this year again. Plus two of my sister's children.

Usually we go in February but this time around we were graced with April desert weather of ninety degrees. It was mainly bliss. (Coming home to what felt like twenty degrees was not appreciated. Nevertheless.) Unfortunately, we only hit two smaller hikes because of the heat and the kids and probably a little bit of laziness. Plus there was an outdoor pool at the motel, so nobody wanted to pass that one up. 

But let me just say. Sitting outside at night and being totally comfortable in shorts: absolute and complete perfection. I think sometimes I forget how much I actually miss summer nights. My soul loved it.


Alison said...

Jealous! :)
It sounds so fun. and nice. :)

Shannon said...

I miss it already!! Beautiful pictures, I wish I there now basking in the heat.