Rarely do I think before I speak, and rarely do I find first impressions to be at all accurate.  One of my biggest fears is jury duty and my biggest fear of all is going blind. I am not at all superstitious, I hate washing lettuce and shaving my legs, and I mostly always prefer doodling in pen. 

I have a hard time believing those who say they have no artistic ability. I am all talk with little walk and I am always glad when I wake up from dreams. I dwell more on the scenarios in my head than reality. 

The only time I find silence to be awkward is when I worry the other person is uncomfortable with the quiet. I am a terrible gift-giver, and my favorite thing in the world is when people listen to my favorite songs. I love being barefoot and I do not like doing somersaults, and I always imagine up how many rooms full of paper I have doodled through. The first time I jogged an entire mile was last week, and I do not have a favorite color. 

I daydream of Oregon coastlines and I read classic novels up until the last few chapters or even the last few pages.  I love sneaking in a glance at the men's clothing when I go shopping. My biggest regret is quitting ballet and not growing up in the 70s. 

I am a believer of the Oxford Comma, the Hartman Personality Color Code, and the preservation of exclamation points. The best things in life are newly washed sheets and towels, fully charged batteries, and clean windows.

For the most part, I find that the ends justify the means. My love language is Quality Time, and I am an introvert. The makeup section at Walmart is my weakness, I do not like driving when there are other people in the car, and my dream job is to direct music videos.

Unless it is food, I rarely buy anything that is not on sale. I am a social eater, The Sound of Music is my favorite soul food, and I have a small invincibility complex I never grew out of. I love abstract art and flowy skirts. 

I rearrange my room frequently to stay sane and change is the kind of uncomfortable that I shrink away from. I use the word "Also" too often, and "I love you" too little. My favorite part of songs is nearly always the bridge, and my favorite songs always have one. I am an escapist and an artist, and I am forgetful and attentive.

I am 
and always will be


Kaylee Andersen said...

I love this! Beautiful. (:

Colin & Cora said...
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Corina Broadhead said...

Why are you so pretty?
Also, why do you always use such beautiful words. You need to write a book or something.
Or at least my auto biography